Inventar la India: representaciones disciplinarias a partir de la historia, las humanidades y las artes

Rather than a linear, chronological construction, the reader will appreciate that this volume has been built around one idea, or set of ideas, about what does India represents. It is, of course, a limited space, an invention, and for this reason, the title itself reflects a conscious effort, irremediably incomplete, to organize a series of knowledge around a topic that overflows itself in all aspects: studies on India.

It is common that - from an academic point of view - modern India, classical India, and all the other Indies are studied separately. There is usually little communication among the different sorts of specialists, some closer to social disciplines, others to the humanities, and others to the arts. However, this frequent disconnection exists only in the formal sphere, since a glance at any of the works that are part of this book is enough to realize that there is a constant dialogue between them. There is a dialogue coming and going throughout history and the academic disciplines.

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