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EE. UU y China se reúnen en el G20 con bajas perspectivas de resolver las diferencias comerciales

Télam - 27/11/18

Luego de que se conociera la suba de aranceles al 25% a importaciones desde China que Estados Unidos reglamento en junio pasado. Trump se reunirá en Buenos Aires con Xi Jinping para tratar de atenuar las tensiones comerciales.

España y China “lucharán contra el proteccionismo y el unilateralismo”

El País - 28/11/18

Xi Jinping promete en Madrid abrir las puertas de su país a la inversión extranjera y proteger la propiedad intelectual.

Moon, Trump to hold summit on G20 sidelines

The Korea Herald - 28/11/18

President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump will hold a summit meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday.

Abe and Japan Inc facing stormy seas

Asia Times - 28/11/18

Trade wars, corporate scandals, faltering 'Abenomics' – things are not looking good for Abe’s third term as PM.

China-Russia energy business forum opens in Beijing

China Global Times - 29/11/18

Energy cooperation was an essential part of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, and one of the areas where both sides had staged the most important, fruitful and extensive pragmatic collaboration, said Vice Premier Han Zheng.


Ethiopia PM meets opposition parties, promises fair elections

IOL News - 27/11/18

Ethiopia's prime minister met members of 81 opposition parties on Tuesday to discuss ways of reforming the electoral system, his office said, as he pressed on with promises to open up a political arena dominated by his coalition.

Israel says will renew ties with Chad after presidential visit

Reuters - 27/11/18

Israel said on Tuesday that it and Chad would resume relations, severed in 1972, after the central African country’s President Idriss Deby made a surprise visit to Jerusalem this week.

Al Sisi recibe y apoya al príncipe heredero saudí Mohamed bin Salman

La Vanguardia - 27/11/18

El presidente egipcio, Abdelfatah al Sisi, recibió hoy en El Cairo al príncipe heredero saudí, Mohamed bin Salman, en plena crisis de imagen tras el asesinato del periodista Jamal Khashoggi, y aseguró que la estabilidad de Arabia Saudí es parte "imprescindible" de la seguridad de Egipto.

Tanzania's Magufuli prefers Chinese aid because it has 'fewer conditions’

AfricanNews - 28/11/18

Tanzanian President John Magufuli, who has been threatened by review of relations by the country’s allies over human rights concerns, said on Tuesday he prefers assistance from China, as Beijing imposes fewer conditions.

'It feels like there's no hope': Nigeria's worsening job crisis

ALJZEERA News- 27/11/18

Four out of every 10 people in the country's workforce are either unemployed or underemployed. The unemployment rate stood at 18.8 percent in the third quarter of 2017, with underemployment at 21.2 percent.

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How European and Chinese Arms Diverted to South Sudan Fueled Its Civil War

Foreing Policy

A four-year-long investigation has revealed how arms and equipment from European Union member states and China funneled into East Africa and a web of front companies have fueled the deadly conflict in South Sudan.

Developing Africa's energy mix

Taylor & Francis

Resumen: "Africa is growing rapidly both in terms of population size and economically. It is also becoming increasingly clear that fossil fuels impose a high price on society through local environmental pollution and Africa’s particular vulnerability to climate change.