Coordinator of the University Program of Asian and African Studies (PUEAA) since May 2017 and Coordinator of the Asian Studies Seminar (2014 – 2017); researcher of the Economic Research Institute (IIEc). Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics; Master’s and Ph.D. in Latin American Studies from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, and Tutor of the Postgraduate Program in Economics, Latin American, and Administrative Sciences at UNAM. Her main research topics are financial economics, particularly related to economic cycles, financial crises, sovereign debt, and financial systems. She has research related to gender economics and its relationship with financial circuits at macroeconomic and microeconomic levels. Director of the IIEc (1994 – 2002) and Editor of “Problemas del desarrollo”, Latin American economics magazine (2010 – 2018); member of the National Research System level III and winner of the “Universidad Nacional” award of the Economic-Administrative Sciences (2010). She has coordinated over 30 books and participated with more than 100 book chapters and articles for national and international magazines. President of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) (2015-2016) and member of the High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment of the United Nations (2016 – 2017).