Emeritus Researcher of the Institute of Economic Research of UNAM (2022) and member of the National Researchers System, level III. Coordinator of the University Program of Asia and Africa Studies (PUEAA) since 2017. Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and master’s and Ph.D. in Latin American Studies at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. Since 1977, she has lectured in the faculties of Economics and Engineering. Tutor the Postgraduate Program in Economics, Latin American Studies, and Administrative Sciences. She has been a guest researcher at the University of Brasilia, Brazil, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo, the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and the Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Pioneer in the systematic explanation of Financial Economics and Feminist Economics from the Latin American heterodoxy. She has used tools from Marxist, dependency, institutionalism, post-Keynesian and modern money theory, in opposition to neoclassical thought, to demonstrate the inequities and gender inequalities intertwined with economic cycles and financial crises at the international level. Her contributions include the creation of the Seminar on Fiscal and Financial Economics (Semecofin) and the electronic journal Ola Financiera. Her participation in the United Nations High-Level Panel on Women's Economic Empowerment (2016-2017), and the relationship of this body with the Commission for Gender Equality of the Senate of the Republic, 58th Legislature, account for her contributions in public policies with gender perspectives. Among the awards for her teaching and research performance, are the Universidad Nacional Award in research in economic-administrative sciences (2010), the Universidad Nacional for Young Academics Distinction (1990), and the Sor Juana de Inés de la Cruz Distinction (2005) stand out. Director of IIEc 1994-2002 and editor of Problemas de Desarrollo. Revista Latinoamericana (2010-2018). President of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE), 2015-2016. Her vast work is an obligatory reference: she has published five individual books, an anthology, two co-authored books, and more than 50 co-coordinated books, 133 chapters in books, 89 articles in national and international journals. In addition, she has participated in more than 700 congresses, symposiums, and conferences as a chair, discussant, and speaker, both nationally and internationally.