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Israel y Hamás acuerdan una tregua para la Franja de Gaza tras la última escalada del conflicto - EUROPA PRESS 09/08/18

Un oficial palestino cercano a las negociaciones ha precisado que el alto el fuego ha entrado en vigor este jueves.

Saudi Coalition Bombs School Bus in Yemen, Killing Dozens - THE NEW YORK TIMES 09/08/18

An airstrike from the Saudi-led coalition struck a school bus in northern Yemen on Thursday and killed dozens of people, many of them children, local medical officials and international aid groups said.

Koreas to hold high-level talks next week to discuss summit - THE KOREAN HERALD 09/08/18

The two Koreas will hold a high-level meeting Monday to review progress on implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration and discuss preparations for a possible summit, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification said Thursday.

Iraq opposes U.S. sanctions on Iran but will abide by them: PM - REUTERS 07/08/18

“As a matter of principle we are against sanctions in the region. Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and do not weaken regimes,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday.

Comenzaron las sanciones de Estados Unidos: Irán denuncia una "guerra psicológica” - CLARIN 07/08/18

"Negociar con sanciones vigentes no tiene sentido", se quejó el presidente Hasan Rohani de las medidas implementadas por el Gobierno de Donald Trump.

Malaysia shuts down Saudi-backed anti-terrorism centre - AL JAZEERA 07/08/18

Defence minister gives no reason why but says the King Salman Center to combat 'terror' would close immediately.

Al menos 91 muertos tras un poderoso terremoto en Lombok, Indonesia - BBC MUNDO 05/08/18

Un poderoso terremoto de magnitud 7 sacudió la isla de Lombok en Indonesia, dejando por lo menos 91 muertos y varias decenas de heridos.


Apuestan por reimpulsar la inclusión financiera digital en África - WANAFRICA 09/08/18

La Comisión Económica de las Naciones Unidas para África (CEPA) firmó un acuerdo con el gigante digital chino Ant Financial para promover la inclusión financiera en el continente, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

UN Envoy urges Burundi leaders to ‘seize opportunities for national unity and peace’ - UN NEWS 09/08/18

The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Burundi, Michel Kafando, has called on the country’s leaders to “seize the opportunity” offered by the recent adoption of a new constitution, to create a new political environment.

HRW urges release of South Sudan peace activist - SUDAN TRIBUNE 09/08/18

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Friday urged the South Sudanese authorities to release or to take to the court Peter Biar Ajak, a peace activist that has been detained without charges since the 28th July.

Kabila desiste de ser candidato a la presidencia de Congo - EL PAÍS 08/08/18

El presidente, en el poder desde 2001, acata la limitación constitucional de dos mandatos.

Ethiopia govt agrees peace deal with Eritrea-based 'ex-terror' group - AFRICAN NEWS 07/08/18

The Ethiopian government has agreed a reconciliation agreement with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), an ex-terror group that operated in the Oromia region of the country.

Egypt announces solidarity with Saudi Arabia in its spat with Canada - EGYPT INDEPENDENT 08/08/18

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said that his country stands with Saudi Arabia in its rejection of foreign intervention in its internal affairs or any attempts to undermine its sovereignty.

Artículos de interés

Stability in Guinea-Bissau requires more than elections - INSTITUTE OF SECURITY STUDIES 09/08/18

Stakeholders must agree on how to make the country’s long-term reform process irreversible.

China Looks South - WILSON CENTER 07/08/18

There is little question that the first half of the 21st century will see a momentous contest between the United States and China for primacy in Asia–with the initial focus on Southeast Asia and the South China Sea.

Turkey and the US: An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship - GEOPOLITICAL FUTURES

The U.S. and Turkey have a lot of big mutual problems (Iran, the Islamic State, Bashar Assad) yet seem to be preoccupied by much smaller ones (pastors and alleged deep state operatives).