• Coloquio Internacional

2nd International Colloquium of Mexican and Japanese Studies Distance, Interconnectedness and Sharing

January 31, 2021 (local time in Mexico City)

17:30–18:00 hrs. Inauguration

18:00-18:50 hrs. Keynote: Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Nations imagined through photographic albums: Mexico and Japan in the early 20th century. Kazuyasu Ochiai - President, Meisei University

Moderator: Alicia Girón, PUEAA – UNAM

Simultaneous Panels

19:00-19:50 hrs. Panel 1. East Asia and Latin America

  • Global Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Latin America, Financial Fragility and Instability. Alicia Girón, PUEAA - UNAM
  • Weak, Forbearing or Strong, Unforbearing? Informality and the State in Latin America and East Asia. Hiroyuki Ukeda, Graduate School of Arts and Science - UTokyo

Moderator: Takahiro Miyachi -UTokyo

19:00-19:50 hrs. Panel 2. Robotics and Our Future

  • Robotics, AI, and machine vision. Jesús Savage, Facultad de Ingeniería - UNAM
  • Robotics and Human-Motion Data Science. Yoshihiko Nakamura, School of Engineering - UTokyo

Moderator: Hugo Delgado - UNAM

February 1, 2021 (local time in Mexico City)

Simultaneous Panels

17:30–18:20 hrs. Panel 3. Rise of the Commerce and Industry in Post COVID Times

  • Mexico – Japan commercial relations after the pandemics: The show must go on. Vania De la Vega-Shiota, PUEAA - UNAM
  • Performances of Japanese Automobile Industry in Central Mexico under Covid-19. Naoko Uchiyam, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Moderator: Hiroyuki Ukeda - UTokyo

17:30–18:20 hrs. Panel 4. Climate Change and Sustainable Development

  • Resilience and capacities of firms for sustainable development. Paola Vera, FCA - UNAM
  • Satellite observation and budget analysis of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the earth. Ryoichi Imasu, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute - UTokyo

Moderator: Satoshi Ide - UTokyo

18:30–19:20 hrs. Panel 5. Geoeconomics and Geopolitics in Trans-Pacific Relationships

  • A military treaty between Mexico and Japan: fact or fiction? Carlos Uscanga, FCPyS - UNAM
  • Export Restrictions in the Japan-China-U.S. Trilateral Relationship. Tomoo Marukawa, Institute of Social Science - UTokyo

Moderator: Naoko Uchiyama - Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

18:30–19:20 hrs. Panel 6. Earthquakes in the Ring of Fire of the Pacific

  • Finding common ground in earth science research between Mexico and Japan. Hugo Delgado, Instituto Geofísica - UNAM
  • Collaborative study on slow earthquakes in Guerrero, Mexico. Satoshi Ide, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, School of Science, UTokyo

Moderator: Ryoichi Imasu - UTokyo

19:30–20:45 hrs. Panel 7. Mobility, Interconnectedness and Learning

  • Mobility and migration of students from Mexico to Japan. Alejandro Méndez, IIEc - UNAM
  • Language socialization in the field (Bolivia) and at home (Japan): An autoethnographic commentary on learning and teaching languages across contexts. Ryuki Nakano, School of Education - Meisei University
  • Self-directed elements in the learning journals of teletándem. Kazuko Nagao, ENALLT - UNAM

Moderator: Shunsuke Matsuo - UTokyo

19:30–20:20 hrs. Panel 8. Galaxies and Earth

  • Extragalactic Studies at UNAM ́s Instituto de Astronomía. Irene Cruz-González, Instituto de Astronomía - UNAM
  • Uncovering obscured galaxies using Large Millimeter Telescope and ALMA. Kotaro Kohn, Institute of Astronomy, School of Science - UTokyo

Moderator: Mamoru Doi - UTokyo

February 2, 2021 (local time in Mexico City)

17:30–18:45 hrs. Panel 9. Inequalities and New Challenges

  • Inequalities and ageing in Mexico and Japan. Covid-19 as a turning point in Life Course Analysis. Verónica Montes de Oca, IIS - UNAM
  • Relationship between the female body and the dress in Guatemala: approaches from the Japanese cultural perspective. Yuko Okura, Escuela Nacional Antropología e Historia
  • Impact of US-China Technology Warfare in Japan. Masahiko Hosokawa, School of Business Administration - Meisei University

Moderator: Vania De la Vega Shiota, PUEAA - UNAM

19:00–19:50 hrs Keynote: Natural Sciences

  • Japan-Mexico Cooperation in Earth and Marine Scienc. Jaime Urruti, Instituto de Geofísica - UNAM

Moderator: Hiroyuki Ukeda - UTokyo

20:00–20:15 hrs


enero 31 04:00 p.m. - febrero 02 08:00 p.m.
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