Financialization and the economic cycle between Asia and Africa

Asia and Africa are inserts in international financial circuits, determined by profitability. An example of this is the price of the main export products, set on the international market. Trade has been part of the economic, political and social history of both continents, whose vitality has been part of the changes in the profitability processes of capitalism and has played a fundamental role in overcoming economic and financial crises, through of various trails.

Throughout eleven chapters, this work attempts to explain the future of Asia and Africa, intertwining theoretical and empirical aspects, revealing a wide spectrum of characteristics, dynamics and consequences of the types of financing present in both continents. The work subjects productive investment to observation as a way forward, especially when profit expectations are exceeded; shows a real picture of Asian financial outflows, together with the government measures implemented in order to achieve both the growth and the economic development desired.

Compare in depth the macroeconomic and financing parameters between East Asia and Mexico; addresses the various internal problems that scourge India and China; exposes the clash between the economic potential as an exporter of raw materials and food, against the suffocating austere policies due to indebtedness on the African continent and, finally, tries to glimpse if the post-crisis strategies employed are only the prelude to new and worse crises.

2018 | | 234 pages

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