Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Sinology from the University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Master’s degree in Ancient Chinese Literature from the Pedagogical University of Central China (Wuhan, Province Hubei). She is currently developing her PhD thesis at the Center of Asian and African Studies (COLMEX) on classical Chinese poetry. Member of ALADAA-Mexico and Network ALC-China, as well as the Mexican Association of Literary Translators (AMETLI). Participates regularly in congresses, seminars and national and international meetings about China, sinology, Chinese teaching, literary translation, etc. She has given lectures on philosophy and Chinese literature at UNAM and UADY. Her teaching work highlights are the teaching of Chinese and the course "Art of China" taught at the Mexican Art Center since 2014. She has a dozen articles published in Bulgarian, Spanish and English, also with various translations of classical and modern Chinese and has been awarded five Chinese literature translation awards.