PhD in Classical Literature from the UNAM, Head Researcher of the Center for Classical Studies of the IIFL-UNAM and professor of Postgraduate Studies in Letters and of the School of Law of the UNAM. Her main research is the translation and philological interpretation of legal sources written in Latin, its translation and reception in Mexico. She has developed research on etymology and legal terminology and on other areas of knowledge. She has collaborated with different entities of the UNAM coordinating institutional projects related to the teaching of the specialized vocabulary of the sciences and humanities. Her main publications are the books Consulta de un jurisconsulto antiguo. Introduction, translation and notes to the Latin and Spanish texts; The institutions of Justinian in New Spain; co-author of the book Legal Latin.; coordinator of the book Terminology and medical etymology and of the Latin translations of the work Royal Botanical Expedition of the New Spain (13 volumes) published by the UNAM in its centenary (2010). She was founder in 2006 of the Classical Literature field in the Master's Program in Teaching at the UNAM (MADEMS) and coordinator of the curriculum of the Intercultural Literature Degree, inaugurated in 2012 for the National School of Higher Studies, Campus Morelia, of the UNAM. She was Vice President of the Mexican Association of Classical Studies (AMEC) from 2006 to 2010, Coordinator of the Center for Classical Studies of the Institute of Philological Research (2006 to 2009) and Director of the same Institute (2009-2013), from this charge she promoted the creation of a formal line of research on Asian philology in the IIFL and promoted the organization of the International Colloquium of Chinese and Mexican Studies with a strong humanistic component. She is currently President of the Mexican Association of Classical Studies (2015-2019) and Director of the Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum and Romanorum Mexican collection co-edited by the Coordination of Humanities and the Center for Classical Studies of the IIFL of the UNAM.