Korean peninsula: strategies, restructuration and insertion in the global world

The Korean peninsula is one of the regions that are currently under constant observation in the complex international mosaic. Characterized by its peculiar economic and political dynamics, today it has an emerging cultural representation that has managed to transcend the world.

For this reason, this book deals with topics that contribute to the understanding of the problems that define part of the current peninsular reality. It analyzes economic and political issues, which are undoubtedly essential for approaching the study of the Korean peninsula. However, the book reflects on the importance of the study of both Koreas from a social and cultural perspective, providing the reader with a human and deep analysis of the Korean societies, allowing them to learn about and reflect on phenomena and problems of the peninsular daily life.

In this way, under a multidisciplinary approach, the importance of each of the Republics in the current world context is shown, a perspective that also combines fundamental issues on culture and society such as religion, language and cultural consumption.

2020 | | 226 pages

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