Iran's People's Combatants: History, Rise and Fall of an Islamo-Marxist Opposition

The story of the People's Combatants of Iran (Moyahedin-e Jalq-e Iran) is the sad saga of the noblest hopes and aspirations of a revolutionary mobilization that became distorted over time into a set of betrayals that let down each and every revolutionary ideal of 20th century Iran. This distortion transformed them into a vulgar and violent cult that abandoned even its own promises of change and social justice, so that it is safe to say that the story of the Moyahedin sums up in itself the best and the worst of contemporary Iranian political culture.

This book is a long-term and unique Spanish-language research on this controversial organization. It is a manuscript elaborated with the help of primary sources, interviews with Iranian politicians, activists, former members and intellectuals specialized in the subject, and the result of a series of research stages carried out between 2011 and 2019 in Tehran, Madrid, Paris, Washington and New York, in which the necessary material was recovered to document the trajectory of the group and its ways of articulating interests with political actors as varied as Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein to people like John Bolton and Turki Al Fasal, for whom this group has been attractive throughout its history not so much for its ideology, but for the military potential and the information networks it has always had inside Iran.

2020 | | 472 pages

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