He holds a PhD in Contemporary Arab and Islamic Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in Asian and African Studies, specializing in the Middle East, from El Colegio de México. He has postdoctoral studies at the Center for Research and Higher Studies on Social Anthropology (CIESAS) and is a member of several organizations such as the Forum of Researchers of the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM) and the Latin American Association of Asian and African Studies (ALADAA). He is currently a full-time tenured "A" professor at the Center for International Relations of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UNAM where he directs the Middle East Studies Workshop. He is the author of the text " The People' s Fighters of Iran: history, rise and fall of an Islamo-Marxist opposition", UNAM (2020) and coordinator of the book "Iran 40 years after its revolution: society, state and foreign relations", UNAM (2020). His research interests are Contemporary Social Movements in the Middle East, Political Actors and International Relations of Iran and Sectarianism and Social Justice in the Middle East. He is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) of CONACYT at Level I.