Professor-researcher at the Department of Economics and coordinator of the APEC Studies Center, UABCS. Member of the SNI, Level II. Since 2002, member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) within the framework of the UN. She represented Mexico in the Bureau of the IPCC as vice-president of Working Group 3 "Mitigation" (2008-2016). PhD in Economics (UNAM, honorable mention) with Postdoctorate in Peace Studies (University of Bradford, UK). She has a Bachelor’s degree in international Economic Relations and Master’s in Economic Journalism (University of International Economics, Bulgaria & Institute for European Integration, Belgium). She is a member of the Consolidated Academic Body "Regional and Pacific Studies”. She conducts research on international cooperation in climate action, tourism and sustainable development. Author or editor of 23 books and more than 200 articles in refereed journals and guest professor in several national and international universities.