China and Mexico: 45 years of diplomatic and cultural relations

As a result of a shared effort between educational institutions in China and Mexico, the book China and Mexico: 45 Years of Diplomatic and Cultural Relations is presented, which consists of three main sections: Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences.

In the first section, the reader will find diplomatic, economic, social and legal topics, considered essential to deepen understanding between both countries. Subsequently, topics on the dominance of the Spanish and Chinese languages, their translation and literary studies; to this are added questions about art and society from a transcultural and trans-historical perspective. Finally, geological and environmental disciplines are addressed, due to the relevance that they have acquired today for the safeguarding the planet.

The reader will find in the pages of this volume a set of dialogues between specialists from various countries on specific topics about China and Mexico, through which the convening institutions seek knowledge and understanding between both nations inserted in a globalized world.

2019 | | 470 pages

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