PhD in Social Sciences, specialty in Population (COLMEX, 2001). Head researcher at the Institute for Social Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1996-2017), national researcher for the National System of Researchers, level III (2018-2022). Designated by the rector of UNAM as coordinator of the Interdisciplinary University Seminar on Aging and Old Age (2012) where she develops academic and cultural activities with more than 30 university dependencies. She has been elected as President of the Latin American Population Association (2017-2018). She has published a hundred articles on a national and international level on the demographic aging process in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, gerontological studies, social support networks, gender and aging, social protection systems. She has been coordinator of several publications: Population and Aging. Past, present and future in sociodemographic research (Co-coordinator with Isalia Nava 2017), Aging, health and society (2014), among others.