PhD in Political and Social Sciences with a specialization in International Relations. Professor in the PhD Program of Political and Social Sciences, in the Research Seminar. Among her lines of work are regional studies, foreign policy and education and culture. Member of the Mexican Association of International Studies; of the Permanent Seminar of African Studies of the School of Political and Social Sciences; Coordinator of the course "Africa: bridge and alternative for the development of the University Program for Asian and African Studies (UNAM). Among her latest publications are:" The new vision of Africa through sports culture" in The Other Africa (UNAM), "The funeral of a man icon for African Unity" in the Organization of African Unity ... (USLP), "Mandela: in the fiftieth anniversary of the Organization of African Unity" in Mandela, a brief tribute. (UNAM) She currently holds the position of coordinator of the Common Space of Higher Education, (Network of 41 Mexican public universities).