Bachelor’s in International Relations (FCPyS - UNAM), Master in Asian and African Studies with a specialty in the Middle East (COLMEX) and PhD in Contemporary Arab and Islamic Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Postdoctoral studies at the Center for Research and Higher Studies on Anthropology, themes of culture and politics in the Arab revolutions. Member of some organizations such as the Spanish Society (SEI), the Forum of Researchers of the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM), the Latin American Association for Asian and African Studies (ALADAA), among others. He is currently Full Time Associate Professor "C" attached to the Center for International Relations (FCPyS - UNAM) where he directs the Workshop on Middle East Studies. He is the author of the text Dynamics of Power and Resistance Practices in the Arab Revolutions, CIESAS, 2016 and coordinator of the book Thinking Palestine from the Global South, FCPYS-UNAM, Mexico, 2017. His research focuses on Contemporary Social Movements in the Middle East, Political Actors and International Relations of Iran and belongs to the National System of Researchers (SNI) of CONACyT in Level I.