Pioneer in the study of Asia at the UNAM. He began his training in the Oriental Studies Program of the Colegio de México, where he studied China and Chinese. Two years later, with a scholarship from the then Teacher Training Program of UNAM, he studied Korean at the University of Yonsei and the Master in Asian Studies at the Hanguk University of International Studies, both in Seoul, Republic of Korea (1967-1970). Since 1970 he teaches the general course of Asia and specialized seminars on Asian Studies in the Bachelor and Postgraduate of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. He also teaches the course Introduction to the study of International Relations. He has done research on historical, cultural and international relations about topics of China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Australia. He has been a researcher and visiting professor at the Institute of Developing Economies (1978) and the University of Tsukuba (1986) in Japan and the Korea Development Institute (1992). He served as Head of the Division of Postgraduate Studies in Political and Social Sciences, UNAM, (1995) and was representative of the academic sector in the Binational Commission Mexico-Korea (2000-2005).