He holds a degree in International Relations (FCPyS-UNAM), a master's degree in International Political Science (University of Ejime, Japan) and a PhD in International Cooperation from the University of Nagoya, Japan. Titular Professor "C" of T.C of the International Relations Center of the FCPyS. He was a member of the Study Group for the Strengthening of Economic Relations of Mexico and Japan; and of the Group of Experts for the Strengthening of the Economic Association between Mexico and South Korea (SEGOB). He is a member of the National System of Researchers level II. He was a Scholar by the Japan Foundation (2002) and by the Olof Palme Foundation (2004). He has been Visiting Researcher in Japan, in Sweden, in Spain and in the United States. He has various publications on economic and diplomatic relations between Mexico and Japan, mechanisms for regional cooperation in the Asian Pacific and international cooperation.