Ordinary "A" level subject professor at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, U.N.A.M., with the subject "Africa" since 2015. By the same institution, Master in Studies in International Relations and currently doctoral student (2015-2019) in Political and Social Studies with orientation towards International Relations, with the topic: "The British colonial phenomenon in West Africa. The British in Asante." Member, since 2010, of the Permanent Seminar of African Studies, coordinated by Professor Fabien Adonon. His lines of research are: pedagogy of African studies; the colonization of Africa; and philosophy of international relations.

As a member of the PAPITT project: "NAFTA elites and Mexican corporate elites", coordinated by Dr. Alejandra Salas-Porras and Dr. Matilde Luna, he co-authored with Dr. Salas-Porras: "Mexican think tanks and their connection with elites and knowledge regimes in North America", in ¿Cómo se gobierna América del Norte? Estrategias, instituciones y políticas públicas, Mexico, D.F., FCPyS-SITESA, 2014, pp. 95-145. As a member of the project: "El discurso: condición y condiciones", coordinated by Dr. Fernando Castaños Zuno, she published, co-authored with him: "Pensar el cambio, analizar una reforma", in René Millán (coord.), Vida pública en México: didáctica para la democracia, Mexico City, Mexico, IIS, UNAM, 2014. He is currently writing the articles " Initiation to the Other Africa. Desbrozando el camino para reconocer al Otro en uno mismo" and " The Ghanaian migrant in Mexico: paradigm of the margins of the state".