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Workshop: Thinking Iran

Coordination: Shekoufeh Mohammadi Shirmahaleh

General Objectives

Offer up-to-date and informed information about topics related to history, politics, literature, culture, and arts of Iran with the support of specialized researchers, Iranian and Mexican, looking to open a window to Iran for students, researchers and the general public, whether to enrich their academic experience or to dismantle prejudices and achieve a rapprochement between Mexican and Iranian cultures. This course also offers a broader perspective through some of its best films, which reflect the social and political realities of this country.

In addition, from the interaction with the audience, the following objectives are sought:

  • Consolidate a network of stakeholders in Iran and the Middle East
  • Consolidate a bibliography of texts in Spanish addressing issues of Iran in a serious way

*Spanish will be the official language


August 21 05:00 pm
Tel. 5554 8513 ext. 102, 110, 106
Casa de las Humanidades

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