• Coloquio Internacional

2nd International Colloquium of African Studies Migration, security and inequalities


March 24 08:00 am - March 26 02:30 pm

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Transmisión Inauguración

Transmisión Africa in the world; the world in Africa. María Paula Meneses

Transmisión Panel 1 Structural changes after COVID-19

Transmisión Panel 2. African Muslims in the Americas

Transmisión Youth politics & social movements in Africa. Alcinda Honwana, Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa

Transmisión Panel 3 Decolonial production boundaries and South-South Cooperation

Transmisión Panel 4 Lusophone Africa: Transnationalism's, Movements and New Human Securities

Transmisión African ideas from a transcontinental perspective. Gilbert Khadiagala

Transmisión Panel 5 Women and children migration and human rights

Transmisión Panel 6 The African World & The Black Pacific

Transmisión Cultural Activity: Afro-Colombian Music Today

Transmisión Closing ceremony