University Program of Studies on Asia and Africa

General Objective

The purpose of the Program is to create a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research group to gather the various perspectives of professors and researchers among the different academic entities and university institutions, in order to carry out studies that strengthen the links between Mexico, Asia and Africa.

Particular Objectives

  • To foster and coordinate research, teaching, extension, and dissemination about Asian and African cultures, to promote the participation of multidisciplinary and inter-institutional work groups, both inside and outside of this University, in order to generate and disseminate knowledge.
  • To coordinate and organize research in order to create the necessary knowledge that allows reflection on the existing problems in Asia and Africa, and thereby contribute with solutions, as well as to prevent similar problems in Mexico.
  • Promote, organize and disseminate diplomas, conferences, seminars, colloquia, research, and other academic activities, national and international, on topics of Asia and Africa and their relationship with Latin America and Mexico.
  • To promote joint methodological theoretical strategies between UNAM and higher education institutions in Asia and Africa, looking to build knowledge that address similar problems between Mexico and thee two continents, through academic exchange relations.
  • To edit publications and other research products on scientific, social, cultural and artistic issues related to Asia.
  • To carry out efforts aimed at obtaining financial resources to carry out research, teaching, dissemination, and linking activities in studies on Asia and Africa.
  • To build mechanisms for cooperation and dialogue with non-governmental organizations, national and international, interested in issues related to Asia and Africa.

Board of Directors

Domingo Alberto Vital Díaz, President of the Directive Committee of the University Program of Studies on Asia and Africa

Alicia Girón González, Coordinator of the University Program of Studies on Asia and Africa

Jorge Enrique Linares Salgado, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Tomás Humberto Rubio Pérez, Facultad de Contaduría y Administración

Raúl Contreras Bustamante, Facultad de Derecho

Eduardo Vega López, Facultad de Economía

María Angélica Cuéllar Vázquez, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales

Carmen Contijoch Escontria, Escuela Nacional de Lenguas, Lingüística y Traducción

Rafael Antonio Pérez-Taylor y Aldrete, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas

Armando Sánchez Vargas, Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas

Renato González Mello, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas

Mario Humberto Ruz Sosa, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas

Pedro Stepanenko Gutiérrez, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas

Ana Carolina Ibarra González, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas

Pedro Salazar Ugarte, Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas

Miguel Armando López Leyva, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales

Graciela Martínez-Zalce Sánchez, Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte

Rubén Ruíz Guerra, Centro de Investigaciones sobre América Latina y el Caribe

Guadalupe Valencia García, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades

Margarita Velázquez Gutiérrez, Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias

María del Carmen de Lara Rangel, Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos

Roberto Castañon Romo, Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros

Ana G. Buquet Corleto, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios de Género

Luis de la Barreda Solórzano, Programa Universitario de Derechos Humanos

Rolando Cordera Campos, Programa Universitario de Estudios del Desarrollo

Javier Delgado Campos, Programa Universitario de Estudios sobre la Ciudad

José del Val Blanco, Programa Universitario de Diversidad Cultural e Interculturalidad

Academic Advisory Committee

Represents the entities that make up the Directive Committee; promotes the participation of other members of the University community as well as of members in other institutions in order to produce academic materials related to Asia, Africa and Mexico; promotes conferences, courses, diplomas, and meetings of national and international natures about Asia, Africa and Mexico. It disseminates PUEAA's topics of interest through articles, radio, television, and internet. Manages additional resources to support PUEAA's programs and work actions.

James Carrera Díaz, Coordination of Humanities

Rebeca Maldonado Rodriguera, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

Gerardo Hierro Molina, Faculty of Law

Mauricio Hernández Ramírez, Faculty of Economics

Carlos Uscanga Prieto, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Ricardo Cornejo Ávila, National School for Languages, Linguistics and Translation

Alejandro Terrazas Mata, Institute for Anthropological Research

María Teresa Rodríguez y Rodríguez, Institute for Economic Research

Jesús Galindo Trejo, Institute for Aesthetic Research

Shekoufeh Mohammadi, Institute for Philosophical Research

Sara Sefchovich y Fernando Vizcaíno, Institute for Social Research

Elisa Dávalos López, Center for Research on North America

Hernán Haroldo Taboada, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean

Federico Morales Barragán, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Humanities

Juan Felipe López Aymes, Center for Regional Multidisciplinary Research

Santiago Torres, University Center of Cinematographic Studies

Luis Miguel Samperio Sánchez, Center for Foreign Students

Alethia Fernández de la Reguera, Centre for Research and Gender Studies

José Antonio Aguilar Valdéz, Human Rights University Program

Delfino Vargas Chanes, Development Studies University Program

Mariana Sánchez Vieyra, City Studies University Program

Carlos Zolla Luque, Cultural Diversity and Interculturalism University Program

Academic Task Force